Our Business Policy

SK Beauty Bar is trained insured and licensed, to carry out SPMU treatments 

Skin treatments and Marvel HD Brows.


We comply with GDPR and holistic  insurance.


SK Policy 


GDPR since, this came into play,

SK Beauty Bar has worked has worked hard to be compliant.

Your data is fully secure and you will, not be contacted unless you specified.

If your treatment was Pre- GDPR as SK Beauty Bar has no written consent, for your to be contacted, to arrange any future treatments.

All documents are stored safety and locked away and own viewed by SK Beauty Bar.

All pictures are edited to protect your identity and well as model release will be required, for promotion and insurance purposes.



You will be invited, to come to a consultation, to discuss treatments fully, you will be required to fill in a medical consultation, form.

So can assess your suitability for treatment.

As well as skin test to ensure you have not allergies.

With especially, semi permanent make up treatment, some clients will not be suitable for this.

An alternative maybe offered, if suitable.

But SK Beauty Bar, has the right to refuse treatment, on the grounds medication, medical conditions, or if SK Beauty Bar feels unsure the the treatment would benefit you.

A full explanation would always be given at a consultation.



SK Beauty Bar has different complaints procedures for different treatments.

SPMU treatments, before complaints can be made  the treatment, needs to fully healed. Any issues during, the healing process, you must contact SK Beauty Bar, in case there is a chance of infection.

This has to be over the phone either messager, call or text.

You will be advised and maybe asked to sent a picture.

You will then be given more aftercare advise which you NEED to follow, to ensure you treatment heals well.

You will be invited to a 4 week check up to ensure treatment is has healed well, you may need a 3rd treatment, but a decision will be made on day.

In your Consent Form you will be asked to sign your that you are happy with the shape, colour and treatment.

In the 14 week period you must bring any concerns the attention of SK Beauty Bar, for advise to be given. after this period of time, the treatment is deemed complete, and it is down to SK Beauty Bar own discretion, if a 4th or further treatment may needed.

A fee would also be expected. 

Once it is fully healed there should be no chance of infection, however if you are still not satisfied and feel SK Beauty Bar, did not do the job to your stranded. 

You must contact SK Beauty Bar first to allow SK Beauty Bar  to suggest a resolution. 

If that is not acceptable

Then you must make a formal complaint in writing listing what your complaint is, and how you expect SK Beauty Bar to rectify it. 

You must allow 28 to allow SK Beauty Bar to reply. 

You maybe offered a resolution and negotiate and outcome, which is acceptable and reasonable to both parties.

If you have issues other treatment such as Marvel HD Brows, Spray tan individual lash extensions,  you need to make the same complaints procedure, but it must be brought to the attention of SK Beauty Bar as something like spray tans need and development time, and aftercare needs to follow.

Individual lash extensions, if you have any issues such as lashes coming out, not feeling they are full enough, you must contact me within 48 hours, if you wish to have extra put in. other wish you must wait until infill date.

Meso Revitalise you will need a week to heal, before any complaints can be made.


From 1st January 2019 deposits will be taken, 

This will be 10% of the treatment price, and you can move your deposit up to 3 times..

Paid by cash, card or online on day of consultation or skin test.


With Semi Permanent make up treatments, they can be paid be installments, spread over 3 treatments.

 This would include your deposit, and the 1st and 2nd treatment, being split equally.

But you treatment will not be complete until you have all your treatments.


If you need to cancel your appointment, please give 48 hours notice where possible.



On day of treatment you will be expected to arrive with no make up, and before during and after photo's will be taken, this is to comply with insurance,and will be of area you are having treated. 

As part of consent form you will be asked to sign a model release, and additional pictures maybe used to SK Beauty Bar marketing.

A series of photo's will be taken to ensure, the right lighting is present, a clear pictures of before treatment, drawn on treatment and result of treatment.

Also if you opt for hair stroke brows, the hair strokes are present.

Retouch bookings

With semi permanent make up you must attend both parts of your treatment, to get the best result of the treatment.

You will be invited to book your 5 week top up, at your first treatment, so please bring your diary so this can be booked in.

If this needs to be changed, you must let SK Beauty Bar as soon as possible, so we can reschedule.

It is extremely important once you have committed to this treatment to have all you treatments, to ensure the best results.

Healing time

YOU MUST wait FIVE WEEKS for the full healing process, NOTHING can be done until then.

As you can expect you SPMU to be very dark and the fade completely and reappear,

SK Beauty Bar can advise you but the healing process must be allowed to take place.

The only  thing to put on your brows after the treatment is aftercare or Bepathen, NO OTHER products should be put on your brows.

          Email;SKBeautyBar@gmx.co.uk /Location; Worthing/ Mobile ;07964065750/ Home;01903 241335