Why bother with your SPMU retouch

Sometimes after 1st treatment of semi permanent make up, you maybe feel a bit depressed with the results and wondering whether to continue the treatment.

Everyone has different skin, and how well pigment is retained varies from person to person.

Reasons for not retaining are..............

Oily skin if you have microblading or hairstroke brow, oily skin will often push the pigment out, a powder brow the retention, would be more.

Scatter/shading method, the way this method is done gives a soft effect, however, the the healing can be patchy and not even.

Wrinkly or lined skin, hair stroke brow will sit in the lines and gives uneven healing.

Bad pressure not having even pressure all way through, can effect the outcome of treatment.

Picky scabs, it maybe tempting once some scabs have come of, to pick however this makes the brows not heal evenly.

As you will be pulling of pigment.

So bearing this in mind, the second treatment can perfect any flaws in first treatment.

With clients who are completely new to this treatment, it is a marathon not a sprite, sometimes might take bit longer to get there but is worth it in the end.

Semi permanent make up is a cosmetic treatment unlike lashes or HD brows or nails lasts longer generation, and has a healing time, most cosmetic treatments like fillers, botox have a healing time where swelling goes down, after 2 weeks your feel the effects of botox and you would have your check up, again if you did not have this the effect would not last as long.

Semi Permanent make up is the same the retouch or check up is really important to ensure you are healing properly, and if there has been any problems that need correcting.

Don't take the decision of semi permanent make up lightly, it is a 10 week commitment, of treatment and then healing time of 5 weeks for each treatment.

Often the second treatment is better as you know what to expect it is not a unknown.

Provided you follow your aftercare and have both treatments it is worth doing, it is an beauty investment to not have to worry about even brows and more, time saving making your morning routine quicker, and makes a difference to the face lifting it and making it more defined.

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