What is the difference?

What the difference with all the brow styles?

What will work for me?

How do I choose?

Can I have microblading?

These are often questions clients have when considering semi permanent make up

The main brow styles which can be achieved with semi permanent make up are.......

Hair stroke brow - The hair stroke brow is a very basic brow to mimic the natural hair and add subtle definition, to the brows

It can be achieved with machine or hand tool,

The machine method is semi permanent make up, and is set to the depth of skin the hair stroke will want to be implanted.

Whereas Micro blading is done with a hand tool and blade, and will get a finer hair stroke, however the technician has to ensure even pressure is applied throughout.

Also it is the only style micro blading can achieve.

Healing time is fairly minimal, but the result will last longer with semi permanent make up as it is implanted slightly deeper in skin.

Skin types I would not recommend this for,

-Older skin that it tougher and has lines or wrinkles, as a nice even result would not be achieved.

-Greasy skin, will push pigment out so treatment won't last that long

-Ache pitted skin, if clients have had ache it may scar the skin, so and even result would not be achieved.

Skin types that are ok

-Young skin

- Non oily or combination skin

-Very few lines or wrinkles

Powder brow

This style is more defined and be hair strokes blend together to create a 'powder' look

Healing time is slightly more as as more the area is tattooed however as long as aftercare is applied is minimal.

The powder brow is more versatile, so it a perfect brow for more clients, although clients can be a bit cautious about this style, as they don't want 'scouse brow'

But it does not this to be like this,

For mature clients- a light colour with flattering shape, it can heal very soft.

Young clients - who like the HD look a darker colour and youthful shape can fit beautifully with someones everyday look, especially if they lead an active life.

For oily or ache pitted skin, powder brow is more resilient to this, however is recommend you would have a booster treatment sooner than, what is usually time frame.

For clients with lines and wrinkles in your brows it is a better brows, as it will still look more flattering.

Combination brows

Like to think as the middle ground, it has elements of hair stroke as well as shading of powder.

Who can have it,

-Mature skin, which is not over lined

- Clients who a bit cautious of full powder

- Young skin

-Greasy skin as long as strokes are places in a certain way.

Healing time fairly minimal if aftercare is followed.

With combination brows a full powder could be done on retouch.

Finally the ombre brow

The ombre brow is powdered throughout the brows, but blended at fronts to get a soft appearance.

Who can have this style

Anyone is suitable for ombre brows, as it has combined the powder element which is perfect for younger and older skin,

But the softness at the bulbs which is makes it nice to mature clients once the brow has healed.

Healing time is minimal as long as aftercare is followed.

All these styles should be discussed at consultation, and so the perfect style is decided for you based on you skin type, amount of natural brow hair, and shape of your brows.

Also what style you feel would suit you lifestyle, if you wear a lot of make up or very natural.

One size does not fit all with semi permanent make up, so be mindful and always discuss your ideas with technician, however a word of warning, if you want a powder brow, your retouch you will not be able to have a hairstroke brow, so be mindful.

Always have a consultation and skin test and listen to advise of technician.

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