What are the real benefits from SPMU?

What are the real benefits from SPMU?

It is a trend that is found more and more, on social media, and with some celebrities, flawless make up and wonderfully defined brows.

What is the secret?

Apart from other cosmetic treatments, SPMU micro blading or semi permanent make up is growing in popularity.

Maybe some of reason are

  1. Looking and feel more youthful, brows, eyes and lips lose definition over time and SPMU can bring back some of that definition enhancing the natural features of the face.

  2. Although all these videos on instagram of makeup tutorials are amazing and done by very talented artists, however for the average person they are very time consuming and costly from purchasing conventional make up, and SPMU saves time and is long lasting, so your make up bag can get smaller.

  3. Fixes asymmetry on the face no face is 100% symmetrical and one brow may sit higher than the other, and that can be fixed with SPMU

  4. Sports players the long lasting durability of SPMU suits intense physical activity and no panda eyes or sweaty brows. So you can look your best 24/7 and go from gym to, night out or hot date without having to redo your make up.

  5. Helps recovering cancer or alopecia suffers by creating a natural definition when it has been lost.

  6. If your wear glasses and struggle to put on conventional make up.

SPMU is very versatile it last between 18 months and 5 years and fades out.

There are 2 options SPMU/ micro pigmentation is done with a machine and lasts from 18 months to 5 years and treats the brows, eyes and lips.

Microblading only treats brows and lasts about 6 months.

Both treatments are good in their own way and suit different needs.

If your thinking about these treatments, a good artist, may offer a free consultations to discuss the treatments, as well as researching both treatments.

Do your research and you will see the real benefits from SPMU and love the treatment.

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