The Perfect Brow

So getting the perfect brows is a goal, that everyone is trying to achieve.

Getting even brows is such a challenge, one always ends up looking great shape, and the other on never matches, 

Firstly you have to remember brows are siblings not twin, one will never fully match the other, this is normally due to face structure which will determine, the shape of your brows. 

No face is fully symmetrical so getting brows even, especially if you have very little or no brow hair can be hard.

So how to get the perfect  brow shapes,

Brows are a 3 point system, Bulb, Arch and Tail.

Where you start your brows will and were you finish your brows, is important, and helps with them being even.

So where do start?

If you take a pencil and and hold it straight flat against the nostril of the nose against the tear duct of the eye and straight up against the forehead. 

That will be the start or you bulb.

Next getting there is 2 ways to get the arch, 

1st was tilt your pencil diagonally across your eye, so your half way through your nostril, half pupil and iris of you eye and just and roughly 2 cm will be highest point of your brow.

2nd so people may prefer to use a ruler and the check your points. 

I personally prefer this way as can get it even, on both side, so the base of the nose diagonally across the nose and eye to the highest point is 8cm, so using a ruler you can measure this for your arch, and the same on the other side, this will get you brows sitting a right height on both sides.

Next the tail the corner of the eye should line up, where you want to end your brow, so tilting pencil or ruler to outer end of the nostril, and corner of eye will get your tail.

With theses measurement, lightly plot dots, then do a 3 point check to see if the are even on both sides.

If your are happy I would suggest using a pencil to start, and lightly pencil in the shape, it may take a few attempts, so do it at a time you can take your time, and aren't rushing.

Once you have your shape then go over it a bit more firmer with pencil or powder, 

if you have very sparse to give better appearance to your brows pluck and stray hairs as this can confuse with the shape and appearance, equally if you have shapeless thicker/bushy brows you may want to have these shaped before using a product to define, as to give you more of a guide.

With this tip once you have harnessed this skill then you will learn to be able to do your brows faster and getting even brows on a daily bases will be no problem. 

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