Taking the plunge

As you age you may start thinking about cosmetic treatments, and whilst there is no harm in considering, taking the plunge can be daunting.

As most of age treatments are semi permanent, you will have to live with it a long time.

As a age treatment semi permanent make up is great, as we get older our features become less prominent, and especially brows hair will be thinner and courser.

Also your brow drops.

Lips loose their fullness because of the loss of collagen production

Semi permanent make up can enhance areas but can be more natural than other age treatments.

With brows a thinning brow with course grey hair can feel very aging, a shapely hair stroke brow can look very natural and lift your brow making your face more youthful.

Lips can shrink with loss of collagen but spmu can make your lips feel naturally fuller without lip fillers.

With semi permanent make the effects can last between 18 months to 5 years depending on your skin cycle, how your body naturally breaks down the pigment, which is a natural mineral based pigment, and how sun exposed you have been.

So it may sound a more natural alternative but how do you know it is right?

Everything is down to personal preference, and what area of your body you feel most ages you.

Things to consider with semi permanent make up before going ahead with treatment.

1 As a treatment is not that painful as some age treatments, as the needle is smaller and is only going to 1.5 mm of the skin.

You also have an anesthetic cream applied before and during treatment.

2 Is what you are looking for realistic? Some brow styles may not suit your face shape and will not flatter your face, or your favorite celebrities brow may look great on the but your facial structure or shape may not suit you.

3 Is your lifestyle going to give your brows enough time to heal?

4 Medical conditions and medications, unfortunately due to the natural of some medications and conditions the treatment would not be able to be carried out.

5 Time and planning will you have enough time before and event for treatment to heal? SPMU are 2 part treatments and a skin test at consultation must be carried out to ensure you have no allergic reaction, so planning your time is important for

Skin test


Five week top up

A consultation will answer your questions but while you are still considering research the styles research the healing cycles, cosmetic treatments look great but do not take it lightly, as you are committing to a cosmetic treatment.

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