Perfect time for a brow booster.

From time to time your semi permanent make up or eyeliner will need a freshen up.

Usually you will find between a year to 18 months that you may experience this, and you may feel, you wish to have a little boost.

Why is the autumn the best time ?

Christmas is around the corner, and the process takes 5 weeks to heal, this give plenty of time for brows or eyeliner to heal, so they look good ready for December and then only small maintenance like a tint, if you have fair hair, or wax and tint for extra definition.

September through to November, the weather is cooling down, so sun exposure is less so during the healing process, fading due to sun exposure will be less.

So what is a colour boost?

This is one treatment, where your existing cosmetic tattooing is gone over, this is to prolong, the colour an shape so it stays looking fresh.

This treatment is not compulsory but would highly recommend it.

To prolong your treatment.

If you think, you maybe due for this treatment, even if your not a client of SK Beauty Bar drop us email to arrange consultation.

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