New year new you

So New Year is great time to change something in our lives with New Years, resolutions, and most people changing something about their appearance, is quite high on the list, whether is losing those extra pounds, or finding something to hold back the aging process.

One treatment that maybe on list is semi permanent make up, it is the perfect time saving treatment, and most popular for adding definition to brow thinning.

As we get older, our brow hair, does not grow as quickly, or may have grey stray hair, or maybe a victim to fashion, and how the brow style has changed over the years, as well as the icons, who we follow, and mimic there style.

Semi permanent make up can add hair stroke or powder definition to brows giving them a fuller shape, colour and appearance.

Dame Helen Mirren has even, opted for this treatment, to improve the look of her brows, making it the perfect treatment for older and younger client.

SPMU is very versatile and perfect for liner to enhance eyes.

Is it a regular tattoo?

No it is what is called a cosmetic tattoo using mineral pigments, and the depth that pigment is implanted in is shallower.

So you could usually expect, about 18 months before fading and needing to have a booster treatment.

Numbing cream is always applied before and during treatment, in order to make treatment bearable, it is not painful but can be bit uncomfortable.

The main styles as hair stroke brow, to mimic, brow hair and give a natural look.

Powder which gives a very defined look, almost HD look

Combination which is both style combined, and can make a hair stroke brow look a bit softer.

A consultation is the perfect time to discuss the treatment fully, what your expectations are.

If the your technician , thinks your a suitable candidate as what we sometime want, may not be recommend, for instance, older ladies or ladies who have suffered acne, and have lines or scaring in brows,

A powder is a better option as hair stroke, pigment will still in the lines. but powder brows can still look very soft, done it a soft tone.

But this would be something to discuss, during a consultation, and free consultation should be taken advantage of to get as much information about this treatment as possible.

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