Medications and semi permanent make up.

So your considering semi permanent make up but, with a lot of people taking medication unfortunately some medications will have effects of the treatment or make it not possible to perform the treatment.

Most people won't be aware of the side effects of their medications, also there is some conditions that will hinder the healing process.

So will start of with on which may not consider, herbal supplements which are specifically to benefit your health, can also have an impact on the skin.

Example St Johns Wort can make the skin more sensitive making an allergic reaction more likely, and amplifies the effect when mixed with some medications,

Some can cause blood thinning or skin thinning.  

Always check with the pharmacist about side effects as you maybe surprised.

Botox and fillers are very popular however, you need to give yourself and 4 week window to let the botox and filler settle down if your having brows or lips, this is to ensure swelling has gone down.

Patients on chemotherapy drugs have a compromised immune system and may not heal well, it is recommend by insurance companies that any SPMU treatments can be done after 6 months of completing their chemotherapy treatments, this is to ensure the drug is fully out your system, also if you are not finished treatments, a doctors note may be needed.

Diabetic clients who are insulin dependent often do not heal as well and may be at a heightened risk for infection.

Thyroid medications clients can offer need their permanent cosmetic procedures re-enhanced a little more frequently, as the medication can fade the pigment quicker.

Cholesterol and blood pressure medications while not blood thinners, work to make the blood platelets not stick together. In permanent cosmetics this often means there may be more chance of a blood droplet coming to the surface. The down side is this molecule is bigger than the tattoo pigment molecule and can wash some of them away.  This leads to more color loss than would experienced on a client not on these medications.

Blood thinning medications aspirin and warfarin as the blood does not clot it makes it impossible to perform SPMU treaments.

Before considering this treatment a consultation is always offered which will go through your medical history, and your medications so it is always helpful, of you are taking medications, to bring a list.

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