Managing your Expections with Semi Permanent make up

Managing Expectations SPMU

Any cosmetic procedure it is important to manage your expectations.

What looks good on one person may not look good on another. Especially with semi permanent make up brows, results vary as shape of your brows will depend on your face structure.

Not only is it important to have a flattering shape for instance, if you have a round face shape the aim would be to elongate the face, so a higher arch would look more flattering than if you have an oval face where your face does not need to be elongated so most styles suit you.

Some faces there is asymmetry so ensuring brows are even and level is important, as slight adjustment would be needed to do this.

‘Brows are siblings not twins’

It is important to recognise this as one brow is always going to look perfect and the other make not be 100% the same.

With the styles that can be achieved

  • Powder, mimics makeup HD style, very defined

  • Hair stroke , mimics hair strokes, more natural, subtle definition to brows

  • Combination mixture of both but softens hair stroke mimics putting powder over brows.

The different style will depend on your lifestyle.

For instance powder brow is perfect for  someone who wears strong make up and would compliment, contoured foundation,  smoky or cut crease eye, but maybe look to bold on a dewy subtle look.

Your individual look plays a part in the style which works best.

But a celebrity look can inspire but may not be possible to replicate it, as depending on your facial structure and how much natural brow you have.

But everyone can have a beautiful set of brows to frame your face.

The best results are possible when communication and good consultation are given.

Also best results are seen once both treatments are completed.

So it is not a quick fix, to get a quick result a tint and wax is better for that but needs regular maintenance

This treatment lasts 18 months to 5 years and takes the hassle out but has to be right for you.

Research treatment and book a consultation, get as much information you can and really think about it.

The results you will achieve is part down to technician but also down to you, following aftercare.

Be realistic in what you want and this is the perfect treatment for you.

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