Key Points for Semi Permanent Make up

When you have semi permanent make up, treatment.

A few key points to remember, this will ensure your consultation and appointment go smoothly,

When you come for your consultation,

-Please wear no or little make up on your brows and eyes, this is so I can assess, your brow shape.

-I can assess how much natural brow hair you have

-Your face shape, what brow shape would be most flattering for you.

-Your skin texture, and if you have dry, oily or mature skin, this will determine what brow style would be best.

A medical questionnaire will be gone through and the treatment will be fully explained,

Please be aware some medication and conditions this treatment may not be suitable.

Please bring your diary and question list.

So you can make sure all the questions are covered.

Semi Permanent make up is usually about

90 mins to 2 hours this treatment is available at home treatment room or at salon.

You will also have a patch test, to ensure you do not have an allergy to pigment.

Once we agree a treatment date if you need to cancel please when possible give 48 hours notice

At booking you will be required pay a 10% holding deposit.

On day of treatment please wear no make up and bring your diary, this is a 2 part treatment and so please ensure you have your diary so we can book your 5 week appointment.

When you arrive I like to make sure you are comfortable and will take a picture of your before the treatment, as part of your consent form you will need to sign a model release, all pictures are to comply with insurance, and additional pictures maybe taken for marketing.

Numbing cream is then applied and left for 25 mins, you will be required to complete a consent form, model release form and GDPR form.

Once you are numb I will the shape for brows and lightly pencil in for eyeliner

When we are both happy with the shape we will choose a colour.

Pictures of brows and eyes will be taken, with your eyes open.

I will then choose a needle and get you comfortable for treatment, you will be numbed throughout the treatment, the tattooing is the shortest part of the treatment.

With the first treatment especially brows, the aim for ladies with very sparse brows, is to get a shape and under do as we can always add more, on second treatment.

As we never want to cause to much trauma to the skin.

You may swell a bit and may get some lymphatic fluid build up, but this is nothing to worry about, and the bodies natural, defence to the wound.

Once the treatment is done, the finished brows or eyeliner a picture lying down and sitting up will be taken.

You will be advised to visit

To see a brow cycle of change.

But always on the other end of the phone should you need advise sooner.

I will then next see you at your 5 week appointment in 5 weeks.

At this appointment again bring your diary as I ask clients to come back for a 4 week check up.

It is the same process but you will just need to sign retouch form and model release.

Please ensure you are able to commit to both treatments.

If you come to consultation, and choose not to go ahead with treatment you details will be kept on file for 5 years to comply with insurance.

But you will not be contacted by SK Beauty Bar.

If you attend your first appointment, but do not attend your second, your treatment is incomplete if you choose, to go ahead at a later date, you will be charged, the full amount again, as we are going to have to restart treatment.

If you are on any blood thinning medications, or suffer for type 1 diabetes have an auto immune condition treatment cannot go ahead.

Before your appointment if you have any of theses conditions you must make me aware ASAP, and rebook.


Herpes Simplex


Or any other contagious conditions, please get these treated and we can rebook.

I hope this covers most concerns, but always here to answer question.

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