How semi permanent make can work for you

Semi permanent make up (SPMU) is a long term fix.

If you have a busy life style, have allergies to make up, regularly play sports or don't have the confidence of doing your make up.

Why is a called semi permanent is because it is a mineral based pigment, as breaks down over a period time.

For brows it is the perfect treatment as it is long lasting and adds definition to areas where is has been lost , as it is giving your brows a shape where your may have shapeless brows,

The hair stroke brow is fine and natural with feathery strokes, it great to add to your natural brows.

The powder brows is HD and defined no longer will you need to apply powder to brows for this effect.

For eyes eyeliner will define the eyes making them stand out and enhancing your features.

Enhances top, bottom of both lids

SPMU essentially takes the hassle out of the every day problems, that conventional has, especially for brows as it takes the hassle out of them being uneven, the time of drawing on daily, the worrying of it fading during the day.

Why not take the opportunity and find out more.

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