Cost effective tips before your consultation.

So most ladies I see are nervous, about the treatment, and consultation is great, to meet me, and discuss everything in full.

One tip I have learnt is from ladies who I are bit concerned about what look would suit for eyeliner

Before investing in the treatment , when your have a quiet moment, then sit in front of mirror, and and drawn a clean line on your top lid,  then have a look and if you think it is enough,

If your if not sure draw another clean line on the bottom lid.

Things to look for

Make sure keep your pencil sharp to get better effect

Make sure it doesn’t make your eyes to small

If your eyelids slightly hooded, check it is noticeable

Also take pictures as you can always look back, as this will give you reminder of both looks.

And for the very honest opinion ask family as they will be honest with you.

The treatment will usually last about 18 month and so make sure you are sure.

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