A great brow routine

So having your semi permanent make up brows, part of the treatment, is preparing your brows for your cosmetic tattoo.

This might include plucking any brow hair once the template is drawn, to give a more defined shape and better result, also if you have blonde or light brows tinting them for a better colour.

But even with semi permanent make up you will still need to maintain your brow routine.

As the natural hair grows some plucking stray hairs, and once everything had healed it is safe to tint the brows.

So if you have very fair hair it will keep the result for longer.

Semi permanent make up is great for putting in definition where some has been loss, but stray hair will always grow.

Also the colour of you SPMU brow will be chosen to match your skin tone, so will heal the perfect natural shade for you.

But will not colour your brow hair so tinting you brows will keep a nice bold brow.

Having a great brow routine will keep your brows looking fresh, and with a spmu takes the hassle of powdering and shaping your brows daily, but a small amount of maintaince will keep them like that.

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